Traditional Products

An old fashioned treat

  • We are the original brandy snap company manufacturing brandy snap products from recipes handed down in the family for over a hundred years going as far back as our Great Grandma Mrs. Weston.
  • Each product lovingly hand-made using the original manufacturing machinery and processes ensuring are products are authentic 100%.

Brand Quality

Recognisable brand quality

We are a family run business ( yes that means lots of family rows in the office ) in the heart of north wales , we manufacture sweets , mainly brandy snap with the finest quality ingredients . We put our heart and soul into our products, we really care about each and every order no matter how big or small , when you buy from us your buying from a family.


In keeping with traction and nostalgia here at the brandy snap company we offer familiar packaging of our products – keeping the original styled bags – a firm favourite amongst our customers in the Yorkshire area.

Packaging – Display:

Each of our products reinforce your retail solutions due to recognisable, attractive and traditional packaging. Our products are a great addition to include in hampers – gift boxes – display areas in retail environments – etc.


We hand roll every single brandy snap we make: Each brandy snap is unique and no two are ever identical: Our brandy snap is a handmade traditional product made on a large scale . We are RSPO CERTIFIED and the only company to offer a line of brandy snap that does not contain palm oil.


When you order products from the Brandy Snap Company you are guaranteed the highest quality. These include ingredients- manufacturing processes – packaging – customer service – delivery times and our promise of customer satisfaction.

Our Clients

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